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This web site contains the extraordinary work of John C. Velon as he transcribed hymns of the Greek Orthodox Church from Byzantine notation into Western staff notation. He devoted countless hours accomplishing these transcriptions.  All the hymns contained here are transcriptions from traditional Post-Byzantine sources. As is typical for hymns of the Greek Orthodox Church, Mr. Velon adapted many of these hymns to his transcriptions of model or original melodies.

As chanters aged here in the United States and in other parts of the world, Mr. Velon saw a growing need for the availability of the ecclesiastical music of the Greek Orthodox Church in Western staff notation which was more familiar to the younger chanters beginning to take their place at the analogion. He was not alone in this vision as evidenced by the ever growing source of hymns in staff notation from monasteries such as St. Anthony's in Arizona  and St. Gregory Palamas in Ohio .  The transcriptions are useful for chanting the hymns in the original Greek or as melodic examples for chanting the hymns in English. The collection is remarkably complete, including over 10,000 hymns in selected collections of hymns of services for major feast days and liturgical periods of the entire ecclesiastical year of the Greek Orthodox Church.

John C. Velon fell asleep in the Lord on November 20, 2012.  The pages contained on this web site are accessed through the menu shown above.  His obituary and a detailed biography as well as details about his creation of this extraordinary collection are included. The transcriptions are hand written in Western staff notation in the Greek language and are available as separate collections in ®Adobe PDF files or as a programmed interface to the entire collection called VIVECOL. Click "Collection Descriptions - Order Form" above to see the available products.

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This web site was constructed under the auspices of the National Forum of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians with permission of the John C. Velon family.
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